Photoshoot in Scarborough with WikkyC

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Photoshoot in Scarborough with WikkyC

I’d seen Wiktoria on Instagram and liked her look and thought she would suit some lifestyle/commercial photos I had in mind.  I found out that she lived in Scarborough, which for me was about a two hour drive.  I’d not been to Scarborough for a LONG time so thought it would be nice to go back there for a visit.  However, I didn’t know any suitable outside locations for a photoshoot and what with it being February in the UK, I had to cover my options in case the weather turned out bad.

Anyway, as usual Google and Googlemaps comes to my aid, so I started to do a photo walkthrough on the map and came across some colourful beach huts on the North Bay.  Whilst not quite on the beach, there were on the promenade so I thought they would definitely be an option.  My style of photography is such that they would just be a bit of blurred colour and highlight in the background anyway as I got Wiktoria to smile, pose and generally have fun in a lifestyley sort of way.  There was also a nearby park that we could use for a second look for the background.  So we organised a date, booked a couple of hours for the shoot and thankfully on the day it coincided with the weather being nice.

Camera wise I keep it all quite simple and lightweight and so used my recently acquired Fujifilm X-T3 for the first time.  I wasn’t sure if it would be a worthwhile upgrade over the X-T2 I’d been using for a long time and was really happy with, but I’d traded in some Profoto flash equipment that I was no longer needing so bit the bullet and made the change.   It was certainly worth upgrading but a few things came up that I’d not quite got the hang of.  The eye and face autofocus was undoubtably great but certainly for me not as controllable or fast as just using single point positioned to round about where the eye would be and then focus/recompose.

Also initially I had the touch screen turned on (set to right hand part of the screen), but I still found that I would without realising touch the screen and then with my eye to the viewfinder would “lose” the focus point not noticing it had moved to one of the corners. Which when you’re shooting quickly is off-putting and gave occasion to the occasional expletive.  So fairly quickly into the shoot I turned off eye/face autofocus and turned off the touchscreen and had no issues thereafter. However, I definitely get the case for touchscreen focussing and shooting particularly for when I don’t necessarily have to use the viewfinder eg. product/landscape and have the camera on a tripod.

So certainly for me working with models, I worked faster and more assured using the “old way”. Perhaps I’m just a luddite haha.

The quality of photos coming out of the X-T3 were excellent, focussing was fast and accurate and of course the ergonomics make the camera so controllable and quick to operate. And just using the 23mm f2 and the 50mm f2 make the outfit easy to carry around.

So we got some nice photos and although we’d booked for two hours, such was Wiktoria’s modelling ability and quick changes, I was pleased to get all the looks I was after whilst we worked for just under an hour and a half.  So an early stack and time to set off for home.

Once on the computer I’d put them through lightroom, selected my photos and then made some adjustments to end up with these photos in a set of 3 styles, one with a punchy colour (helped with a bit of Alien Skin plug-in editing), a retro-film look with a Lightroom preset I’d created previously, and the third style in black and white ….. because everyone always loves black and white. For simplicity though in this post, I’ve just included the “regular” set.

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