Lifestyle Cafe Shoot

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Lifestyle Cafe Shoot

I love making lifestyle photos, I just like the fun and brightness of not just taking the photos but also seeing the results. So it was great to work with local photographer Shaun Bailey and two local models Jess and Olivia to produce some photos that would be used in the portfolios but also on the cafe’s social media channels.

Cuckoo Wharf Coffee shop is a lovely cafe right in the middle of Worksop and right next to the canal bank. It’s been done out nicely inside and outside and so a nice bright day, it was the ideal time to get some great photos inside and out.

This was the first test of the new Sony A7iii mirrorless camera that I’d just recently bought and so was looking forward to seeing not just the results, but also to get a feel for the ergonomics and speed of operation as to how it handled in my hands. It thankfully was fine, probably not a fast to work around as my Fuji X-T2 and Nikon DSLR cameras, but definitely something that will improve with more practice.

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