Something a little bit different

23 January 2018 by GordonM in gear people portrait 0 comments
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Something a little bit different

Sometimes for the sake of creativity, perhaps even sanity, I have to do a different style of model photography.  Not that there’s anything wrong with what I was currently doing as far as I was concerned, but doing something different challenges you and causes you to research styles and techniques and therefore learn something new.  And this was how it was for this particular occasion.

I haven’t shot glamour for a long time and when I did, it was a Page 3 style of glamour with both well-known and aspiring Page 3 and Lads Mags models.  I was never one for what I call a crass style of glamour photography, which although isn’t classed as porn, in my opinion it really doesn’t show off female models in the best light as I think it can sometimes look quite degrading.  But that as I say is my personal opinion.   However, it seems to be popular with amateur and some professional photographers and even aspiring models, but in reality when you look at the glamour marketplace, it’s a style that I consider to be really old-fashioned.

Nowadays, glamour is much more natural occurring rather than traditionally posed shots and for that reason it’s something that really appeals to me.  It’s almost become a bit “fashiony” even, with the models no longer needing big boobs and big lips, it’s needing a much more smaller-busted and natural model. Couple this with some nice all-in-one bodysuit or swimsuit, or some natural sweatshirts, adapt a location set or even a white background and you are looking at getting some cool, with-it and currently fashionable photos.  I think we can thank Instagram and perhaps even selfies for this transition from the old glamour, but it’s a change I’m good with.

And so it was with choosing Kate Laura as my model for this shoot.  Her Instagram profile is here.  I’d seen photos of Kate on other shoots and she had a natural, relaxed posing style and a great look which would suit what I was after.   She was using a photo studio in Lincoln and this was not too far from me, so it was ideal for us to meet up there and shoot.  On arrival, the studio owner asked what I might be needing for the shoot probably expecting me to say this light or the other and a background or two. But no, I just needed a plain white wall and the studio also had a kitchen and some other props that were perfect for Kate and myself to experiment, play and have fun with.  I was keeping the gear really simple using a Fuji X-T2 or an X100F, both being used with a Cactus speedlite flash either on-camera or handheld close by.  This gave a bright punchy light and by adjusting the position of the flash compared to the camera, I was able to vary the shadow on the background.   A perfect look for what I was after.

So I realise these photos might not be to everyones taste, but it was a chance to experiment and create in a different way to what I had been doing lately.  So it really fulfilled my purpose and I thank Kate for her energy and ideas during the shoot.  My next step with this style is probably going to be in a sunnier place outside on location.  Swimsuits, a pool and beach are all coming to mind 🙂


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