No-makeup project – Shoot with Liv Free

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No-makeup project – Shoot with Liv Free

Time for another shoot in my no-makeup project series and this time I decided to go outside with local model Liv Free.   I’d seen Liv’s work previously and much of it is very creative, polished, great styling and with terrific makeup.  Which is understandable really as she is also a professional makeup artist.   However, I tried to visualise beneath her usual finery and thought that she had a perfect face and poise to be able to strip back to no makeup and simple styling.  So I was pleased when she said “Yes” to being involved with something potentially a little different for her.

It was a chilly sort of day again …. it was early springtime in the UK … but whilst it was overcast it was quite bright.  Perfect perhaps to keep a portrait soft with no harsh shadows.   So technically there wasn’t anything significant to report on this shoot that was much different to the previous two shoots as I did all of the shoot with my Fuji X-T2 out with the 56mm, aperture priority with f2 selected most of the time to make use of the blurred bokeh from different background textures.  Some brick walls and some bright highlighted spots of light coming through the trees made for some nice backgrounds in the photos I thought.   Some tuning in Lightroom to get a gritty black and white tone also gave the effect I was after for this shoot.

Footnote:  You need to check out the headpieces that Liv makes on her Etsy store, they are absolutely beautiful for photoshoots and so well made.  Certainly has made me consider how I might incorporate some in my future work.


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